Monday, February 6, 2012

Treasure Box Moments

I had to dig REALLY deep this week to find those hidden gems. I know that I am blessed but sometimes its hard to find those moments, so....

Several nights this week, I heard sweet little snores on one side of me & not so sweet or so little snores on the other - you figure it out!

Justin asked if he could take a Tylenol even though he had already taken a dose of Nyquil. I said "sure, its two different types of drugs." So he said, "so I guess if I took Cocaine, then Meth it would be ok because they are different drugs." ....... it was funny at the time!

The conversation that followed was even funnier .... Justin was talking about eating lunch somewhere (I forgot) & was amazed at the fancy fountain drink machine (why, because they served real fountains?). It looked futuristic & you could add a shot of vanilla, cherry, etc to your drink. ........ I promise it was funnier at the time - it must have been late!

Seeing Logan smile even though he has felt so bad is such a testament to his personality!

While waiting tables at our spaghetti supper fundraiser, Austin asked the people at his tables "Who ordered the spaghetti? Who ordered the sp - aghetti? Who ordered the spaghe - tti?" He's so funny! It was such a blessing to see my kids giving back instead of just receiving!
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