Sunday, July 21, 2013

A New Look

I know that a few of you remember me talking about coming home from vacation to find out that our roof had leaked. (that part is WAY at the bottom of that post)

Well, after jumping through several hoops with our insurance company, insurance adjuster, & mortgage company (don't you just love red tape) and after waiting for the rain to hold off (remember it rained A LOT here in NC), we were finally able to put our new roof on.

Guess what? It's TIN! Guess what else? It's RED!

Oh I LOVE it!!

We had some friends help us out and were able to finish it in a little more than half a day! Yeah!

I know you have been awaiting the results. So here you go!

I found it very amusing that most of the pictures I took of Justin was when he was sitting around! LOL He really did help, a little! 

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