Friday, July 12, 2013

I Think I Will Take a Little Vacation Too

My oldest 2 kids have been attending Vacation Bible School at a neighboring church this week. They always enjoy going to Bible School, but they especially look forward to this one. This is a large church that a lot of their friends attend, so they learn biblical truths while rekindling friendships. Its a win win.

I have enjoyed myself this week as well. I have so much that is screaming for my attention right now that I'm having a hard time concentrating.

I am participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge which is overworking my creativity to post something every single day in July. I am finishing up tagging clothes for a consignment sale in a few weeks. I have over 60 hairbows to complete (this month). I need to make 2 flower girl dresses for a wedding in August. I need to finish my Virtue Training Bible so I can write my review & post my giveaway! We have started remodeling the dining room. The tin for the new roof was delivered yesterday. We were supposed to pick up a pool yesterday as well, but that fell through which means we are still on the lookout for a pool. Planning on getting the roof on tonight & tomorrow. We are going camping next week. Austin has a trip to Raleigh next week. I have a vendor show in 2 weeks. Cheer leading starts back up next week. And I really need to start planning our school year!

So with all those things to choose from, you would think I would take advantage of the "extra" time while the kids were gone. Nope! You would be wrong! Instead, I have laid Logan down for bed a few minutes early & have truly enjoyed the quiet!

Now, excuse me, I'm sure that something needs to be done!

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