Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A New Prince

I admit it.

I'm just as excited as the rest of the world with the birth of this tiny little boy. Well, maybe not quite as excited as the royal family, but I am fascinated. I couldn't help but smile as the news traveled far and wide of the blessed event.

I think the world has fallen immediately in love. I believe this is partly due to the fact that William & Kate both seem very real. I applaud Kate for embracing her role as a mother. William has reminded men everywhere of the importance of being a supportive part of childbirth. I love the fact that Kate is not ashamed of the body that brought forth the biggest change in her life.

Even with all the media coverage, with all the public interest, with all the royalty, we must still remember that this baby is still just a baby. This new mom & dad are still just mom & dad.

Just like all parents, I'm sure that William & Kate think their son is the most beautiful bit they have ever laid eyes on! I'm sure that they struggled with choosing the right name. I'm sure they planned & prepared to make the nursery just the right haven for their family. I'm sure they worried over everything that didn't seem normal during pregnancy & labor. I'm sure they were nervous wrecks when they realized that the doctors actually let them take this little miracle home even though they were clueless.

Even though I don't personally like the name George, I am thrilled that they actually picked a normal sounding name instead of some inanimate object like most celebrities today.

So here's to His Royal Highness Prince George!

And....a little royal humor....

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