Saturday, July 27, 2013

Starting Her Out Right

She finally did it! Makenzie finally agreed to try to ride a dirt bike.

We started Austin out at 5 on a little 4 wheeler. It didn't take him long to flip it, get scared, and not want to get back on it. We struggled with trying to get him to ride it again. After a year of trying, we gave up & traded the 4 wheeler for a dirt bike. He hasn't looked back since!

We have been hanging on to his first dirt bike. Its just a little 50, all of the plastic has been jerked off, its beat up, but it runs great. We couldn't get much out of it if we were to try & sell it. And its perfect for everyone else to learn how to ride.

Makenzie is 7. She loves her bicycle, driving her go cart, and riding the 4 wheeler & dirt bike with someone else driving. But, she has no interest in learning to ride by herself.

We finally talked her into it. She actually did very well too!

Did you SEE how close she came to hitting my porch?!

Hopefully, she will get back on it. Now, I just hope its that easy for me to learn!

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