Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I Can See Clearly Now...

...the rain has gone.

Today is the first day in well over a week that it has not rained!

Everyone is talking about rain. Everyone is complaining about rain. Everyone is posting pictures of rain.

We rode out to the local dam and were amazed at how high the water level was. Flooded parking lots, flooded play grounds, flooded camp sites.

This is the latest report from their Facebook page "Lake update: Current lake level at 11:00 is 1049.68. That is just shy of 20 feet above normal. All boat ramps, swim beaches, and all trails are closed. Do not go beyond closed gates, barricades, or caution tape. W. Kerr Scott Lake is conducting its primary purpose which is flood control. Lake conditions are very unsafe. Yadkin River is swift and high due to increased releases from the dam. All trails are closed to bikes and foot traffic. * Closures for at least one week - maybe longer."  

I also found out that the record height for the lake was 1061.20 ft back in 1977.

Now, granted all of this rain has put dampers on most everyone's summer plans. People are joking about making plans to build an ark, becoming a duck, buying rain boots instead of flip flops, etc. BUT, I really am trying to be thankful. We could be on the opposite end of this weather pattern. We could be experiencing droughts of Biblical proportions.

Oh & the weather for the next 10 days......more rain!

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