Tuesday, July 30, 2013

3 Generations of Heroes

My husband is one of my heroes. Not only because of what he does Every. Single. Day. for our family, but literally because he is a hero.

Justin joined his local volunteer fire department as a Junior Fireman when he was only 13 years old. Of course, he couldn't help out much until he turned 18, but those beginning years provided valuable training, taught him about teamwork, and instilled in him a love for helping others. I believe this was one of the contributing factors to leading him down the road towards becoming an EMT. He has had an active role in the fire department ever since.

It wasn't long after Justin joined, that his father saw the benefits from this organization. This encouraged Tony to sign up as well.

Justin's mom has always played an active role in helping the fire department anyway she could, but it wasn't until a few years ago that she officially became a fireman woman. Other members of our family are also volunteers out there, including cousins, my brother in law, my niece, and many friends that we consider family.

Austin has always loved going to training, running calls, & just hanging out at the fire station with anyone who would let him tag along. I knew the day was fast approaching when he would join their ranks.

Sure enough, his daddy finally gave in & let Austin turn in his application to become a Junior Fireman. He is beyond excited!

I'm happy for him. But, that sure gives me something else to worry about!

So, here's saying a prayer for all of our men, women, boys, & girls who are our heroes today & dream of being our heroes in the future.

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