Monday, July 8, 2013

The Inside is What Counts

As a grown woman, I find myself looking at kids today thinking "What in the world....?" more often than not. The things they say, the way they say it, the music they listen to, the way they act, & the clothes they wear - it all begs to ask the question "What planet are they from?" .

But alas, believe it of not, I was once an alien too. I belonged to that strange elusive cult known as the teenager.

I remember wanting to look cool, wanting to act older, wanting to defy everyone around me. I remember thinking that my parents were about the dumbest people I had ever met & there was no way they had fun when they were my age. I remember lots of excitement during this time, but I also remember way too many things that I would rather forget.

I look at these young people today & see them going through the same situations I went through. I have several young people in my life that I like to think I have an influence over. I want to reach out to them & save them from some of the heartache I experienced years ago. I want to keep them from messing up their lives. I want to see them make better choices.

We are right in the middle of summer here in the south. Families are grilling out, kids are staying up late, people are taking trips. Everyone seems to be enjoying the carefree attitude that blows in on the hot southern breeze.

With the rise in the mercury, there seems to be a drop in common sense. People go to town dressed in clothes that should never see the light of day. Guys drive around showing off their muscles. Girls wear shorts, skirts, & dresses that appear to be missing several yards of material. And bathing suits now cover less than underwear does.

I remember thinking I looked good wearing certain things. I remember wanting to show myself off. And I remember thinking that certain someone would look at me like I was beautiful.

Oh he looked at me alright, but beauty was NOT on his mind! There probably wasn't a whole lot of cognitive thought going on in his brain when he was looking at me.

Jessica Rey put together a video on The Evolution of the Swimsuit that makes a good point.


Around the same time, Darlene Schacht featured guest writer Lisa Jacobson on her blog Time Warp Wife who expressed her thoughts on modesty. "I noticed a pretty girl nearby and wondered if she realized how difficult she was making it for a guy."

Lisa Jacobson has also been interviewed on these thoughts over at

Now, I'm not for one minute saying that I am against a bikini, BUT I did find all of these to be fascinating publications. It makes you stop to take a second look at the ways things are presented today.

We ALL know that sex sells. If it didn't, why would the professional cheerleaders wear so much make up & such little uniforms? If it didn't, why do most beer commercials have scantily clad women in them? Both of these fields cater to hot blooded men.

I'm not trying to remove all responsibility from men today either. Men, both old & young, need to guard themselves so they do not look at the female species as sex objects. Women & young girls need to guard themselves as well. They need to love themselves enough not to run around looking like they forgot most of their clothes or are headed to the street corner for the night.

I have the privilege of raising both boys & a girl. My desire for them is that they always want to look their best. Always act their best. Always present themselves in a way that would be pleasing to God, their father, & I.

Girls, next time you buy a dress, put on an outfit, or want to go swimming, please take a few more minutes to consider what you have on. Is it appropriate? What message does it convey?

Boys, next time you see a young lady dressed in less than her best, please think more of yourself & her to look the other way.

If you are more interested in the swimwear by Jessica Rey, check out her website & on Facebook.

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