Tuesday, July 2, 2013

We've Got Ears, Say CHEERS

To celebrate Logan's 2nd birthday, we turned out house into a Clubhouse - Mickey Mouse's Clubhouse! We enjoyed the evening with friends and family.

Logan loves Mickey Mouse and he asks to watch it frequently. Although it sounds more like "Me Mouse".

We grilled Hot Diggity Dogs (hot dogs) and Clubhouse Burgers (hamburgers). We had Pete's Pasta (pasta salad), O Toodle Doodles (cheese doodles), Daisy's Garden Treats (veggies with ranch dressing), Donald's Deviled Eggs, & Goofy Ka-bobs (fruit with fruit dip).

To satisfy our sweet tooth, Mouse ka Cookies (Oreos dipped in red chocolate with added ears), Mickey Cakes (cup cakes from a friend), & Minnie Pops (red velvet & chocolate cake layered with cream cheese icing & crushed Oreos) were pretty yummy!

Of course, we couldn't eat any of these goodies without a little help from our Mouse ka Tools.

I had fun planning my baby's party & enjoyed surprising everyone with the fun food names, but the highlight of my night  was when Logan crawled up in my 91 year old grandpa's lap to play his new guitar. He sat there for awhile, content to play music & talk about cows.

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