Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A New Discovery

I am exhausted!

I'm still tired even though it's the next day!

It's been a while since I have been this bone tired.

I took the kids to The Discovery Place in Charlotte yesterday. Have you ever been? Oh you NEED to go!! This was our first time & I was overwhelmed!

By looking at the map of the museum, it honestly doesn't look that big. BUT, once you get there, the fun just keeps going & going & going (especially the 2nd floor)!

They have a special room for kids under 7 to play, explore, & run around. It took Logan all of 2 minutes once we entered this area to become soaking wet while playing in the water area. OOPS, I didn't anticipate that. Oh well, it didn't seem to bother him.

There were many different areas where the kids could learn about all sorts of animals, from fish to birds to frogs. We dissected owl pellets, tried to balance eggs like a penguin, & examined molted parts of a tarantula under a microscope. They even got to touch horseshoe crabs, starfish, & a snake.

They made creations out of duct tape. laid on a bed of nails, propelled themselves into the air with a rocket chair, & tried to lift their body weight through a series of pulleys. We balanced balls on columns of air, sent shredded paper into a vacuum & flying into the air, & played tug of war.

They learned how to build shelters & why it is necessary. We built, knocked down, & rebuilt various structures out of blocks. We played trivia games & tried to figure out where in the world they were just from a picture. They learned that germs are everywhere.

They played in a submarine, found out which bugs were the slimiest, learned just how gross flies really are. We tried to save frogs from certain doom, fought bug against bug in order to have bragging rights, & saw the inside workings of a cow's numerous stomachs. They matched animals to their piles of poop & were completely surprised by how long tape worms really are.

We watched a turtle's trip to paradise & saw lions in Africa up close & personal. We watched fire change colors.

Can you tell we all had a great time?!

The best part about it, they were learning without realizing it!

We could easily spend a whole week trying to learn and investigate everything The Discovery Place had to offer. I think I'll make my hubby go next time too.

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