Thursday, July 18, 2013

How's That for Hope and Change

Ok, it is NO secret that I don't like President Obama. Never have, and unless he completes a 180, probably never will.

I could care less that he is the first black president! I personally don't know why it has taken this long to have a black president, so DO NOT go there with me! For that matter, I think it would be cool to see a woman president. BUT, Biblically speaking, I couldn't support her. A man is supposed to be the head of the household, so how could a woman Biblically run the country? Oh wait, no one has BIBLICALLY run the country in a LONG time.

WAIT! This is not a Biblical post. That is neither here nor there in regards to this post. I just felt like running a rabbit.

I read something last night that broke my heart! I know there are problems all over this country, people have issues everywhere you turn. But, this hit HOME!

PLEASE read, don't skim, this status from Facebook!! I know it is lengthy, but it is so important!

"Reposting from my facebook page: For anyone from the other parts of my life (horses, etc.) who doesn't know me well, I am a pediatrician in rural North Carolina, and I started a practice here about 6 or so years ago. If anyone knows anyone to call, our practice has not been paid by Medicaid in a month since they "switched to a new system." No one seems to know why we haven't been paid or when we will be paid. We have already put our entire savings into running the practice because we do not limit our Medicaid enrollment at our practice. I have a problem with saying I won't take more of a particular insurance when I care for children and children have no control over their insurance. Most practices limit their Medicaid to a max of 30%. We live in a rural area where many people are struggling, and we pull children with chronic illness (who generally have Medicaid if they have CAP services) from 5 counties so we are 85% plus Medicaid. We have put our savings into keeping the practice afloat. Last week, we had to borrow money from my parents to make payroll. We actually provide statistically superior care. Compared to an average practice with our patient complexity (twice the average) in NC, we saved Medicaid over a million dollars last year in decreased costs because we keep our sick kids out of the hospital with asthma management plans and aggressive preventative care. I work at least 50 hours a week plus and haven't been able to pay myself since starting the practice. I could deal with that as my husband makes a reasonable living as an engineer and can support us, but now I can't pay my employees. This is past not fair. Please call your senator, congressperson, anyone you might know and forward this to anyone who might take an interest in what we are dealing with. By the way, NC is also cutting services to children with disabilities who already don't get what they need. I have not had a single one of my chronically ill children get Disability in the last few years without having to hire a lawyer, and I am talking about children with things like hydrocephalus, genetic anomalies, cerebral palsy. I even called and went through an hour of red tape once to talk to the person making the decision, and the child was still initially denied until they got a lawyer who, of course, takes part of their eventual payment. Right now, I believe the list for CAP services for children with disabilities is somewhere around 6 or 7 years. What country has a wait list for kids with disabilities to get services???? If anyone knowns someone with media connections, I could put them in touch with so many people who are suffering under our current political environment. All of you up in Washington and Raleigh. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Your mother is NOT proud of you unless she is not a nice woman, and you should NOT sleep well at night. You should have to come spend time in my clinic telling people they cannot get basic services that their children NEED!!!! Will keep you posted...... I am saddened to be living in a country where Wall Street comes so far before basic rights for children."

This is a post from the Doctor that my children go to. She is an amazing individual. I know she truly loves all her patients. She has even made a special trip to see my son early one Sunday morning because I was concerned about a recent surgery! I'm not the only one either! We have been with this practice almost from day 1 & I have NEVER had a complaint!

Regardless if you agree with my beliefs or how you feel about Medicaid & the system, these are our CHILDREN that are suffering because of some bogus "hope" & "change"! What would YOU do to help your children?!?!

America, it's past time to stand up & FIGHT for our country!

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