Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Keep Calm & Just BREATH

I witnessed something the other day that I have never seen before. My child passed out!

I'm not talking about from sickness, from stress, or from over working the body. I'm talking about from pitching a holy fit, holding your breath until your fingers turn blue, falling out in the floor, & hitting your head passed out.

I'll give you one guess which child it was too.

If you guessed that the child with the major temper issue was Logan, give yourself a cookie. My sweet baby has turned into a screaming banshee.

Now, he has done this 1 other time, but nothing quite like this. Justin & I just stood there watching as he held onto the chair and slowly went down. I told him to breathe like I always do when he gets mad. It was almost comical. (No, I am NOT a sadist & YES, I most certainly DO love my children! But I have NEVER, nor will I start, catering to their every whim!)

As soon as he hit the floor, I picked him up to love on him & calm him back down.

I hope this is not an indication of what the future holds!

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