Saturday, July 13, 2013

Our 4th of July Festivities

I thought about posting this earlier with a look at what I "wanted" to do just in case people needed ideas for celebrating. But I decided instead to give you a glimpse of what we actually did.

This year, the 4th of July holiday turned into a 4 day weekend for us. Justin took off on Thursday & Friday, & then amazingly we didn't have ANYTHING planned for Saturday! It was nice not having to be somewhere.

We had a cookout Thursday with friends & family. Check out my Patriotic Punch! I was so excited that this actually worked. The taste wasn't that great, but then again, I don't like Sprite so I wasn't too surprised. I also took the time to make a strawberry flag poke cake & chocolate dipped marshmallows & pretzels.

I found some really cool patriotic music to listen too from Amazon. And here performed by the US Marine Band. Best of all, it was FREE! Austin was not too impressed though.

We worked on our missionary study Around the World in 60 Days. (I'll add a link later after we have completed it. Check back at the end of August.)

We made firework paintings.

Justin read the Declaration of Independence & we even signed a pledge saying that we would. In return, we are getting a free copy mailed to us!

No summer celebration is complete without a trip to Stone Mountain for fishing, swimming, & ice cream! The water was WAY up and much colder than normal due to all the rain lately. The current was very swift as well, so Austin caught the only fish ... with his HAND.

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